Home workouts

I have a monster crazy busy week. Here is one of my inhome workouts, I hope you enjoy.

I go to YOUTUBE, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dj3jQtB_CM

I wish a photo came up. I received this video from a beautiful workout MOMMa in florida. I stayed lean with the Sheirley Machine.

Squat City


5 Mile Run Today

5 Mile Run Today

I didn’t make it to the gym today. so I ran 5 miles. I was going to run 10 miles. I thought I might need to work my way up to 10 since I hadn’t ran 10 miles in a couple of months. Then my second daughter Nzinga text me to say “don’t forget about going to Skokie by 10am”. After her call a flood of other things came into mind I had to do……., get air in my tires, buy gas and all concentration to push through 10 miles flew out the window. It was a lovely run, seeing all the geese and ducks. I even saw a raccoon about to get hit by a cars on Lake Shore Drive. I yelled at him, “Go Back Its too Many Cars”, and he ran back to the golf course. Aren’t raccoons nocturnal it was 7:30am. I will run again tomorrow.

You have an impact!

Last weekend I was in my dorm cafeteria.  I was not interested in the dinner that was being served so I decided to make a green smoothie. Veggies aren’t very popular in my dorm, actually they dont seem very popular at my university. This explains why I was so surprised when one of my friends asked to try some of my GREEN smoothie. I tried to make enough for the both of us to share, but I ended up making way too much . I had about 2 cups left over. I was surprises agin when another girl in the cafe tasted my friends smoothie and asked if she could take the leftovers.

The next day four other girls asked for me to help them make green smoothies. Now everyday I see more and more girls drinking green smoothies. Never ever did I think they would get hooked to this veggie drink! In a way they are now encouraging my to take in more vegetables.

This post is to remind you of the impact you can make within your surroundings and to encourage you to share your knowledge with others. This lesson of the green smoothie has taught me that there is always a chance to make a small difference, and we all should take advantage of it.


Back to the Rope

Todays workout involved the rope again. NOT rope jumping, its more like rope whipping, I hold the rope but I create ripples with the rope for 60 seconds. This builds your arms, I did arms today. I would like to do more cardio than just my spinning. I went running this evening, and that is all I can do right now. I am wanting sleep right this second.

The workout today was good. I had a good sweat, but stil remained peaceful. 

Fasting and working out

I have been fasting since Monday, yep four whole days. I worked my way into the fast. I am also coupling with my husband, meaning we are fasting together. I do my same workout, somehow we have not been doing the rope, it feels we are taking it easy.  I feel my best, stronger than every, maybe giving me the impression of taking it easy. Of course this is my fourth day, but I feel so good!!!!

It has been challenging making food for the children.  My children also told me do not cook all the food at once, they children would like it freshly preapred. So, that means everyday I need to prepare their food and our juice. Not my idea of fun. I am sure there is a message and lesson here.  But since food preparation is my way of creating, it is not so bad. I am pretty focused not as tempted as usual.

This fast is feeling so transforming,  am looking to go 21 days. The final week looking like  3 days of OJ, 3 days raw soup, adding salad on the 21st day. Moving back to my competition diet, high protein through algae and leafy greens.

Dieting and Fasting with Spirulina and Chlorella, I just read this article from Bob McCauley blog post. I am looking to add this combination to my fasting. He talks about how spiralina and chlorella are high in protein, 60 percent protein. I am wondering, if I can just drink  just algae and water,  I am sure I can. I guess I am more so wondering how yucky is that. I will pray and meditate on that. I have had one glass, its not so bad. I also have  been adding 24 oz to my juice regiment. I am loving it now. It is not bad at all. It is satisfying and   relieves  hungry after I drink the Spirulina and Chlorella. 

Imani B